Transforming people and communities through business - More than $1.5 million donated to local charities
August 25th, Most Popular Route in Eugene
 * ImpactClub® Eugene - More than $70,000 donated to local Eugene-based charities!
There Are Two Kinds of People: Those who say they want to make a local difference to impact their community, then, there are ImpactClub® members and supporters, who actually map their actions to their stated desire!
7 Reasons to Absolutely Register for IC® 5K RACE 
  • Reason #1 - An Epic Race for a Great Cause
    ImpactClub® Eugene registered charities have fought everything from the homeless crisis, growing poverty and sex-trafficking, to childhood cancer, working to honor veterans and rescuing tortured animals.  
  • Reason #2 - Our Local Charities Need Us
    If not you and I, then who? Lots of people talk about stepping up and making a difference but few ever do. This is our time. This is our chance. Our Eugene charities can't do their work without support. 
  • Reason #3 - Opportunity To Better Our Self
    Inside ImpactClub@ we believe in living a Challenge-Based Life, which means, to experience growth we must push our self. A 5K Won't kill you, but it can challenge you. The decision to run is that first step.   
  • Reason #4 - Those Who Suffer Together, Bond Together
    Recruit a friend. Invite a family member. Get your kids or spouse or partner out there. Few things in life forge a stronger bond than a little physical suffering. Each person serves to inspire the other. 
  • Reason #5 - No Nipple Bleeding
    This is a fast, fun 5K not a long, painful marathon. Your nipples will thank you. No fuel belts. No water bottles needed, either. No gels or blocks or powders or bars. No shorts with 30 pockets. No Vaseline stains. 
  • Reason #6 - Massive Sense of Achievement
    No matter your age, weight, shape, physical ability, or even handicapped, a 5K offers all the fun of completion. The thrill of pushing yourself to whatever level you can, amongst others, puts you in a special class.
  • Reason #7 - Belong To Something Bigger 
    ​You can run to run. You can run to support our local charities. You can run connect and bond with those suffering with you. Or, you can register and run for all those reasons, as a means to lead by example. 
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  • $35 Registration - Aug 19th to Aug 23rd
  • ​$40 Registration - 23rd -25th (Register early, save $$$)
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ONE TIME OFFER ($19.00) - SAVE $15 - For the person who wears hats, this is a kick-ass FlexFit hat. A true 6-seam, so it fits tight to the dome, none of that 10-gallon head. It's acrylic and wool, guaranteed not to fade. And most important, it's a hat that stands for something. You wear it, and those in Eugene instantly know you're a better person than most. GET THE HAT! - As a bonus, we have additional swag; Connect, Inspire, Create bracelet, stickers, too. 
ImpactClub® 5K is about a helluva lot more than just lacing up our sneakers. This is about running for a cause. A purpose. Most local charities are founded on the back of someone's worst nightmare. ImpactClub® 5K is about standing with those courageous leaders. We run. But we run for purpose, knowing we are enabling them to amplify their message and impact. 
This is a 5K Race (3.1 miles). You can go at any pace you wish. Walk, run, or sprint. The ImpactClub® 5K is the perfect distance for a "fun run," bring the kids. Get your friends involved. Or choose to compete to advance your best time. 
The Race is Sunday, August 25th, and starts at 9:00am PST. Packet and Packet pick-up will take place the morning of the Race beginning at 7:00am PST. Please bring your event confirmation email and photo ID.
Alton Baker Park, Eugene’s largest developed park, has been an indispensable part of the Eugene landscape since 1959. Located right on the banks of the Willamette River directly across from the University of Oregon. 
Thanks to our Partnership with Cornerstone Tailgates, having just finished the race, feeling a massive sense of purpose and accomplishment, enjoy a frosty cold delicious pint to celebrate. Post race party begins!
Alton Baker Park Route
The Schedule
  • 8:00 am Packet Pickup opens
  • 9:00 am Race Begins
  • ​12:00 pm Race Ends 
The Start/Finish is at the main entrance of Alton Baker Park. There you'll find convenient parking. Packet pick-up will be located there too. Be prepared for warm weather. It should be beautiful. 
  • $35 Registration - Early Bird Ends August 18th
  • ​$40 Registration - Aug 19th to Aug 24th 
  • ​$45 Registration - Race Day (Register early, save $$$)
The 5K will be run with bibs and timer-chips for all participants.
The Events - 8 Completed w/100+ members
The Talks - 24 Powerful Stories
The Winners - $71K Donated to 8 Winners
Launched in 2017, today, nearly 30 local charities are registered with ImpactClub®. Through Elevated Philanthropy IC® members have donated more than $70K to Eugene non-profits. ImpactClub® is home to those who want to make a difference! We call ourselves Impact Venture Capitalists, because we invest in the charities in our community, to impact local people and families.
ImpactClub® doesn't do anything small. We never claim to (always) get it perfect, but we never strive to do anything small. A 5K is a relatively short race, but the Impact of your participation on Eugene-charities will be huge. You don't have to train endlessly. You don't have to be an elite athlete. You can be any age or ability. You can walk, run, crawl, we don't care. Your registration will move mountains! 
Sponsors & Partnerships
ImpactClub® Eugene is driven by a unique philosophy that is both rare and different. ImpactClub® 5K is not just a Race. It, as a branch of ImpactClub® Eugene, represents a growing and powerful community. Our philosophy is rooted in storytelling. Connect. Inspire. Create. If one doesn't connect with the mission of ImpactClub®, to help fund local charities by writing the big checks, to fund the most ambitious projects, to amplify their impact, to alter lives, then no way would a person or organization be inspired to create lasting relationship with ImpactClub® as an event sponsor or community partner. We lead with our Mission, Purpose, Beliefs, to ensure we align with people and organizations of like-mind. 
There are four distinct parties involved in the ImpactClub® 5K. Each party: The Racers. The Local Charities. Our Sponsors & Partners. All must Win if the 5K Event is to be successful. The Experience factor must be top notch. The organization and execution must be top tier. Nobody wants to Register for an 5K Race that delivers a crappy experience. If we deliver Experience, Local Charities will Win. More Racers will register. More proceeds will be collected, thus donated. By delivering Experience, our Sponsors & Partners win too. So, to ensure those three Wins get prioritized, ImpactClub® invests in the Experience-Factor, which triggers the ripple effect. ImpactClub® 5K is a powerful community-builder. 
Are you a Fellow Leader in  the Community? 
We know most people and organizations of financial ability will choose not to get involved, but we believe you will
ImpactClub® 5K BELIEVER
In many ways, a Believer is the most powerful force on Earth when it comes Impact & Change. They have passion and conviction, but sometimes lack the financial resources to make the bigger contributions. So, they contribute what they can, and lead the charge using the power of their voice. 
  • • Event publicity, marketing, online media
  • • Website listing with linked Logo
  • • Public recognition at IC® 5K Event
  • • Logo (one color) on back of Race T-Shirts
  • • Option to add (1) item to IC® 5K Swag Bag
  • • (2) Complimentary Race Entries
  • • Option to setup a Co. Table on Race Day
  • • Invitation to attend next IC® Event
  • • Limited to 10
The Ambassador has all the same conviction as the Believer. But also, possesses a few traits that make him uniquely qualified to amplify the result of any outcome. It starts with his want to player a bigger role. Not just the contribution of money. Or the contribution of voice. He invests in aligning with others of like-mind.
  • • Everything included in Believer, plus: 
  • • Featured Announcement as Ambassador
  • • Two 15-second PAs read throughout Race
  • • Dedicated email Promo to all Registrants
  • • Logo placement on IC® Swag Bag
  • • (1) Additional item in IC® 5K Swag Bag
  • • (3) Additional Race Entries
  • • Recognition at next IC® Quarterly Event
  • • Limited to 3
The Worldchanger has all the same resources and conviction as the Believer and Ambassador. But beyond that, he possesses something far more powerful. He doesn't just have the network he's invested in. Or Belief in the mission and purpose. He has, too, the kind of capital to move the biggest needles.
  • • Everything in Believer/Ambassador, plus: 
  • • Recognition as Title Sponsor
  • • (2) Additional 15-second PAs during Race
  • • Most Prominent Recognition in all Promo
  • • Premier Logo Placement on T-Shirt
  • • Premier Logo Placement on Swag Bag
  • • 60-sec mic at next IC® Quarterly Event
  • • (5) Additional Race Entries
  • • Limited to 1
Thank You to Our Sponsors & Partners
In-Kind Sponsorship
To elevate the Experience-Factor, and have the greatest impact our local charities, ImpactClub® 5K also needs in-kind donations for the follow items:
  • Merchandise / Gift Cards For Raffle
  • Water / Gatorade / Performance Drinks
  • Bars / Nutritional Supplements
  • Brand Samples
  • Onsite Massage / Physical Therapy
  • Banner / Sign Printing
  • Promotional Partner / Radio / Etc.
  • Local Influencer / Social Media
  • Videographer to Document Event
  • Photographer
  • Anything we haven't thought of!?
All in-kind donations with a minimum $100 value will receive recognition on 5K web page with link to site! To donate, or questions, please In-Kind for below:
The story of how a few Impact Venture Capitalists chose to create a movement that is now growing stronger everyday, larger, with more committed members like you, who are every bit as committed.
Will there be awards for the finishers?
-Yes. To kick off the start of ImpactClub® 5K-PALOOZA, the post-race party, there will be a delicious, cold beer waiting fo you to be had at the finish line. ImpactClub® 5K though doesn't give out medals, because the real winners are the local charities. And, the massive sense of accomplishment, knowing you amplified their ability to impact our Community, is the internal reward. Said different, we don't run for medals. We run to make a profound Impact.  
Do I have to run?
-No, you do not have to run. You can walk, skip, crawl or hop! But please, no bikes or skateboards on the path. We don't want a skateboard or something shooting out and hitting some young buck or old granny in the ankle.  
Is this a family event?
-Yes. Absolutely, those who suffer together bond together. Physical exhaustion, where you lean on each other for support, inspiration, and encouragement, is one of the great forms of bonding. Families and children are more than welcome to participate! Children ages 13 and over are required to register. Children 12 and under may participate but are not required to register. Only registered participants receive Free T-shirts, time-tracking, and Swag Bag. What if someone  says their 14-year-old is only a 12-year-old, can they get away with it? Sure, whatever. Karma will catch up to that person.  

Can someone else pick up my race packet for me?
-No, you can pick up your packet the day of the race. We'll have a team of Impact Ninjas at the registration table,  who have been trained, and black-belt certified to help you. With all the identity theft and privacy concerns, we'd hate to give you packet to someone who wasn't you, and only you, so we check IDs.   

Can we register the day of the event?
-Yes. But we ask that participants please register ahead of time. Signup is $10 higher on Race Day vs. Early Registration. Early Registration ends on August 23rd. 
An Epic 5K For A Great Cause!
If not us, then who? Invite your friends
More than $1.5 million donated to local charities
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